Thabex is a Junior Mining and exploration company base in Johannesburg South Africa and is exploring and developing kimbertile and alluvial properties in Africa.


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Unige Angola Internacional LDA ("Unige")


Holds a BPhil Hons in Marketing Management and a Diploma in Marketing from the IMM Graduate School of Marketing.

He has over 11 years experience in Trade, Business and Supply Chain development in FMCG, Agriculture and the extractive industries. He is owner and managing director of Orisa Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, that draws on it’s deep understanding of the African markets, nuances and psychology. Leveraging on an extensive network and relationship with Governments, Public and Private sector circles across the African continent.

Uche is a director of Unige and is responsible for project liason and marketing. He is presently based in Mauritius to, inter alia, attend to the formation of PureDiamonds Ltd (Mauritius) as a GBC invvestment holding company to facilitate investments into the African diamond industry.

Unige is 30% held by Uche and indirectly 70% held by Thabex Ltd. Unige's offices are in Luanda at Rua Primera Delegação do M.P.L.A. ,No 3, Bloco 14, Bairro Popular, Kilamba Kiaxi, Luanda, Angola
(Google Maps at T-junction Rua de Nazare and R. Almada Negreiros – GPS 8o50'20.31" S, 13o15'28.95" E)

26 November 2018
Unige entered into a cooperation agreement with Thabex Ltd and Diamex JV (Pty) Ltd to provided consulting, prospecting, exploration and mining development services to Angolan diamond and other mineral concessionaire's.

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